Tagging report roundtable

We are delighted that Gavin Lockhart Mirams, Managing Director of Crest Advisory and lead author of Reform’s Tagging report will layout the report’s key recommendations in a roundtable discussion.

The use of electronic monitoring in England and Wales has grown rapidly over the last decade, aimed at increasing public safety, reducing prisoner numbers and delivering savings. In the last few years its use has been extended to new cohorts. Facilitated by more advanced technology, several police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners are piloting its value in tackling domestic violence, alcohol-related offending and prolific and priority offenders. The potential of electronic monitoring as a criminal justice tool in England and Wales has, however, been hindered by a poorly designed and much delayed national procurement process. International evidence suggests that the prize from getting electronic monitoring right is potentially substantial, but this will require a new delivery model.

Attendance is by invitation only.


020 7799 6699

22 September 2015
13.30 - 15.00