Shared challenges in healthcare: what can the UK learn from Sweden?

Reform is delighted that Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, Sweden, will lead a dinner on ‘Shared challenges in healthcare: what can the UK learn from Sweden?’.

The challenge of healthcare reform, in the context of tight public finances and ageing populations, is shared by all developed countries. This policy dinner will be an excellent opportunity to compare current experience in the UK and Sweden. The UK is currently attempting a deep and radical reform of both medical care and residential care for elderly people (“social care”) which should be of interest to Swedish policymakers. The UK is moving increasingly quickly towards the devolution of healthcare, which has been a key principle of Swedish care for many years.

We are delighted that the Minister will share his thoughts on challenges shared by the UK and Swedish governments in healthcare and examples of best practice. This roundtable will bring together leading members from Reform’s health network including practitioners, policy makers, experts and businesses.

This event will be held under the Chatham House Rule.


020 7799 6699

6 March 2017
19.00 - 21.00

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