Securing the NHS. How cybersecurity must underpin its digital transformation

The NHS is on the brink of a technological revolution. With ambitions to be paperless by 2020 and a health IT investment of £4.2 billion, digital will play a greater role in healthcare than ever before. However, for these reforms to reach their full potential, the NHS must prioritise the protections surrounding its technology.

The NHS faces unique challenges – especially after the high-profile ransomware attacks earlier this year –  but also unique opportunities; to improve how it handles data, how it embeds a culture of innovation, and how it ensures greater transparency to the public. A long-term approach to improving the culture and resources of NHS cybersecurity capacity must now be a priority.

We were delighted to hold a high-level roundtable with Sir Ian Andrews, Senior Independent Director and Board Member, NHS Digital on the next steps for ensuring a cybersecure NHS. This event discusses: how best to increase the health service’s defences against a rapidly growing threat in a resource constrained environment; how NHS leaders can maximise impact by finding an appropriate balance between local and national approaches; and how to educate patients, clinicians and NHS management on cybersecurity issues.

The event was held in partnership with Palo Alto Networks:



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14 November 2017
13.00 - 14.30