Policy roundtable with George Freeman MP

On 25 November George Freeman MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Life Sciences, will give a dinner speech at on the subject of “Science for growth: are R&D incentives meeting their objectives?″.

The 2015 General Election will be a pivotal moment for the long term direction of public policy. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has suggested that the next Parliament will see spending settlements just as tight as the current one, if not tighter. Against this backdrop of austerity, the life sciences sector continues to be one of the UK’s most successful industries. While the Coalition Government has set out its commitment to making the UK a centre for life sciences, there is growing concern that the UK’s competitiveness in life sciences has deteriorated. With public spending cuts set to continue into the next Spending Review, maximising the impact of government support to achieve R&D objectives will be essential to encourage growth and investment.

Please contact Amy Finch if you would like to attend.


020 3327 1192

25 November 2014
19.00 - 21.30