Reform report launch: An NHS leadership team for the future

Reform is delighted to launch its latest externally-authored health policy report, An NHS leadership team for the future. Speakers will include Michael Macdonnell, Director of Strategy at NHS England, Dr Na’eem Ahmed, lead report author, and Erik Nordkamp, UK Managing Director of Pfizer.

The Five Year Forward View has set a new course for the NHS. It has called for a “radical upgrade” in prevention, integration of services and a major efficiency drive. Delivering change of this scale will depend on visionary leadership. Clinical leaders, who enter management with experience of frontline care, are uniquely well placed to guide service transformation. Reform’s latest publication, “An NHS leadership team for the future” is authored by six NHS GPs and hospital doctors. It explores the current state of NHS leadership training and makes proposals for how the NHS can most effectively foster the clinical leaders of tomorrow.

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020 7799 6699

10 November 2015
14.30 - 16.00