Policy roundtable with Baroness Wolf of Dulwich

This Parliament has seen significant changes to education and training for young people in England. Alongside the rise in participation age, those aged 16-19 years now receive a broader general education before leaving compulsory education. Yet at a time when schools policy continues to dominate the political debate, the role of further education in improving life chances has received less attention. The ring-fence on the schools budget, coupled with funding cuts for 18 year olds in college, has added to growing concern about the level of support for those needing most help finding education or employment. The continuing focus on the quantity of vocational qualifications, such as apprenticeship numbers, has also left some concerned about the lessened significance of quality and value in education and training.

Reform is delighted that Baroness Wolf, Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College London, will lead this private seminar to discuss the role of further education in gaining access to and moving within the labour market. The seminar will consider themes such as the funding mechanism for further education, the balance between employer-led and off-the-job training, and more broadly the link between education and employment.

Reform will bring together a senior group of 20-25 people, including policymakers, officials, academics and representatives from business and the further education sector to discuss these themes. The discussion will be held under The Chatham House Rule.

To reserve a place, please RSVP to events@reform.uk. Please be aware that places at this event are limited and attendance will be confirmed by email.


0207 799 6699

24 March 2015
13.00 - 14.30