Policy roundtable with Anne Bulford

On Tuesday 17 March, Anne Bulford, Managing Director of BBC Operations and Finance will speak at a roundtable discussion on “Better use of property, better public services”.

Improving the public sector’s use of property will be a key objective for the next Government, of whatever flavour. In October 2014, the Cabinet Office reported that its property reforms in this Parliament had reduced central government running costs by £600 million per year and generated £1.4 billion in asset sales. Better use of property can support not only greater efficiency but also the reform of public services to ensure better outcomes for citizens, for example by co-locating then. The experience of the BBC is highly relevant to this policy challenge. In its report “Driving Efficiency at the BBC”, launched in Westminster at a Reform event in November, the Corporation reported that its efficiency savings had outperformed central government in the decade prior to 2015. Better use of property has been a key part of that success. BBC floor space is now 404,000 sq m, down from 691,000 sq m in 2008.

To reserve a place, please RSVP to events@reform.uk. Please be aware that places at this event are limited and attendance will be confirmed by email.


020 7799 6699

17 March 2015
12.30 - 14.00