Policy lunch with Alastair McLellan

On 18 February, Alastair McLellan, Editor, Health Service Journal, will lead a discussion on “NHS performance: present and future”.

Health policy will be one of the most challenging issues for any future government. An ageing population and rising costs are putting unprecedented pressure on the performance and sustainability of health services. NHS hospital trusts have been under particular scrutiny over the last year, with the breach of waiting time targets for cancer treatment, elective surgery and emergency treatment widely reported. At the same time, NHS foundation trusts have been falling behind their cost improvement plans, with the sector forecasting a deficit by the end of this financial year. Maintaining a high quality, sustainable NHS will be a key priority for the next Parliament. As the General Election approaches, there is growing recognition of the need for the NHS to become more proactive in meeting the performance and sustainability challenges it faces.

We are delighted that Alastair McLellan, Editor of the Health Service Journal (HSJ) will lead this roundtable seminar to discuss the current and future performance of the NHS. The HSJ have developed a business intelligence tool which collects exclusive data on NHS performance against key local and national priorities.

Attendance is by invitation only. For more information please contact Amy Finch.


020 7799 6699

18 February 2015
12.30 - 14.00