Policy lunch: “Doing things differently”, part one

As part of the “Doing things differently: pioneers of service redesign” series, on 9 February, Adam Simmonds, Police and Crime Commissioner will discuss his pioneering work in Northamptonshire.

This Parliament has seen central government departmental budgets, excluding protected departments, cut by an average of 19 per cent. Local government budgets have been reduced by around a third and central police funding by 20 per cent. Most of these savings have been achieved by stopping doing something – recruiting new staff, increasing pay, providing certain benefits or funding a particular service – or shifting transactions online. With the Institute for Fiscal Studies stating that if current protected budgets remain so, an average seven per cent annual saving will be required from every other department, a new approach is needed. Service redesign must be the focus of the next Parliament.

Organisations that have approached budget reductions strategically, reviewing why and how they deliver their services, will be best placed to meet the challenges of Parliament 2015. In this series of private seminars pioneers of service redesign will share their experiences and lessons learnt.

To explore how “doing things differently” can deliver better services at lower cost, Reform will bring together a senior group of 20-25 experts, policy-makers, service providers and leaders from across the public and private sector for a series of private roundtable seminars. The events will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

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020 7799 66699

9 February 2015
13.00 - 14.30