Pharmacy after the Five Year Forward View: the role of pharmacy in a devolved NHS

Reform is delighted to host Samantha Jones, Director of New Models of Care at NHS England, to discuss “the role of pharmacy in a devolved NHS”

The Five Year Forward View has set out a compelling vision for health service reform. It aims to prevent illness, integrate services, and drive efficiency throughout the system. As Simon Stevens explained, this will require “far greater use of pharmacists”. A new role for pharmacy can deliver care in a more appropriate setting, improve patients’ experience, alleviate pressure on other parts of the system, and save money. At the same time, the Government is forging ahead with the devolution agenda – empowering local government to innovate in the delivery of healthcare, for instance in Manchester. Held in partnership with Celesio, this seminar will explore what devolution means for health and care integration; how NHS England’s new models of care will support this; and the role pharmacies can play in this emerging landscape. The event will draw on examples of existing best practice and explore the commissioning levers that can support change.

This event is by invitation only.


020 7799 6699

7 December 2015
12.30 - 14.00