Party conferences 2017

After the surprise general election, this year’s Party conferences will be particularly important opportunities to engage with policy-makers. Reform events will again be the go-to place to generate and disseminate ideas to improve government policy.

We value Party conference meetings because we can hold a range of policy events, led by Ministers, Shadow Ministers and other leading parliamentarians. They bring together the right mix of attendees including: other parliamentarians, public service leaders, experts and academics, local government representatives and senior business leaders.

There are a few spaces remaining on our programme at the Labour and Conservative Party conferences. We’d be delighted to work with you. Please do get in touch for more information about partnering with us by contacting Caroline Perry on 020 7799 6699 or on

If you would like to keep track of the events Reform is holding at Party conferences, please keep checking our ‘Future Events’ page or click here.


24 September 2017 09.00 -
4 October 2017 23.59