Major policy seminar with Tony Hall and Anne Bulford

On 27 November Tony Hall, BBC Director General and Anne Bulford, Managing Director of BBC Finance and Operations, will speak at a seminar on the subject of “More for less” – the experience of the BBC in driving efficiency”.

Efficiency and productivity in the public sector is now one of the defining ideas of domestic politics. There is a political consensus around “more for less” and how efficiency can go hand in hand with better public services. On the one hand, it gets maximum value out of scarce resources which can then be spent on key priorities. On the other, it acts as a catalyst for new ways of thinking and working.

The BBC has been through a rigorous programme of efficiency in recent years. This new report explains how the programme has sought to make significant savings at the BBC and a positive change in culture, whilst maintaining quality public service content.

Please contact David Miller if you would like to attend.


020 3327 1189

27 November 2014
12.00 - 14.15