Lessons from Scandinavia for the future organisation of the NHS in England

The debate has already started on the content of the “long term plan” for the NHS announced by the Prime Minister in March. As Rt Hon Theresa May MP made clear, the Government is seeking not only to provide more funding for the NHS but also to reform it so that the money is well used. A key reform question is whether and how to continue to the process of devolution of decision-making, with the aim of accelerating the change of the Service and holding it better accountable. Here, the experience of Sweden and other Scandinavian countries is important. In effect, Sweden has taken the NHS’ devolution path to its logical conclusion. Swedish health services are largely run and financed by 21 county councils.  Around three-quarters of healthcare is funded through local taxation.

We were delighted to hold a high-level policy dinner to debate these core issues. The attendees consisted of 20 NHS and local authority leaders and policymakers, joined by representatives of Sweden and other decentralised health systems. It took place on Tuesday 10 July 2018 from 19.00 for 19.30 – 21.30.


10 July 2018
19.30 - 21.30