Intelligent government procurement

Reform convened a private, high level roundtable led by Gareth Rhys Williams, Government Chief Commercial Officer, Cabinet Office, on ‘Intelligent government procurement’.

Government spends around £225 billion a year on outsourcing goods and services. How this money is spent is critical for achieving value for money in public services.

This was recognised by the Coalition Government, which implemented a series of far-reaching reforms to reduce cost and improve quality of the goods and services procured. At the heart of this was a clear aim for Whitehall departments to work together to buy goods and services more efficiently. The Cabinet Office orchestrated this, delivering significant cost savings through a leveraged, collaborative approach. This offers a real opportunity for all departments to act as intelligent buyers to deliver value for money.

This roundtable explored how the whole of government can exploit opportunities to deliver value for money through procurement. It was held under the Chatham House Rule.


020 7799 6699

30 November 2016
15.00 - 16.00