Implementing the Five Year Forward View: making the vision a reality

Reform convened a private policy event┬áled by┬áJim Mackey, Chief Executive, NHS Improvement on the theme ‘Implementing the Five Year Forward View: making the vision a reality’.

For NHS reformers, there are many grounds for optimism. The Five Year Forward View set out the right vision of change: an NHS that prevents as much as it treats; that diagnoses early rather than waits; and that makes some traditional (and expensive) hospital care redundant. Important independent reviews, by Sir David Dalton and Lord Rose, have shown the potential of chains of NHS hospitals and of more strategic NHS leadership respectively.

The challenge now is one of implementation. Writing earlier this year, the head of NHS England, Simon Stevens, hinted at the difficulty of reform when he pointed out that the share of the NHS budget being spent on traditional hospital care was rising rather than falling. The financial pressure on the NHS does not mean that the Service should focus on its immediate financial balance to the exclusion of reform and innovation.

This event was held in partnership with Baxter:



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7 November 2016
18.30 - 20.30