Policy seminar with Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP

on 25 November, Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP, former Secretary of State for Health, will lead a seminar on “The future of rationing”.

The seminar is being held in partnership with Genzyme.

The seminar will not be held under the Chatham House Rule and Reform will produce an edited transcript of the discussion following the event.

Rationing has long been a feature of England’s health service and as health budgets continue to tighten rationing is likely to become a more prominent feature of the NHS. Yet there is much debate on how to ensure rationing decisions are clinically effective, cost effective and equitable. The architecture for rationing is complex and there is growing local variation in what services are offered. There is now debate on whether there should be a more explicit “benefits package” or a change in the role of NICE and commissioners.

Please contact Cathy Corrie if you would like to attend.


020 3327 1181

25 November 2014
08.30 - 10.00