Financial viability in the public sector

Reform is delighted to hold a high level roundtable on “Financial Viability in the Public Sector”, with Aileen Murphy, Director, Local Government VFM, National Audit Office

Public services, and the Welfare State in general, are in a new era. The financial environment means that funding is necessarily much tighter than in the first decade of this century. Reform has shown that in many cases, financial pressure has been a spur to innovation in public services. In some cases, however, public service institutions will find themselves to be unsustainable in their current form. The task for policy makers is then to reorganise provision in the right way, and to provide better outcomes for public service users.

This high level Reform roundtable will look the current position in a number of public services, in particular local government, the NHS, education and criminal justice. It will generate ideas to strengthen the policy framework.  It will be held in partnership with Deloitte and support the annual Deloitte/Reform research publication The State of the State.


020 7799 6699

14 July 2015
12.15 - 12.30