Dr Tim Bradshaw

Tim has a wealth of experience working within the sectors of higher education, business and government. He leads the Russell Group in providing representation, strategic direction, policy development and advocacy for the UK’s 24 research-intensive universities.

Tim worked at the Russell Group for four-and-a-half years before taking up his current position – holding the senior positions of Head of Policy for Research and Innovation, and later Director of Policy. Tim’s time in these roles, as an instrumental part of Russell Group’s policy development, has given him a comprehensive knowledge of the higher education and research.

He joined the Russell Group in 2012 from the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) where he was Head of Group, leading work on Industrial Strategy, Manufacturing, competitiveness, university-business collaboration, and science & technology policy.

Dr Bradshaw has also held the post of independent secretary to the Science Advisory Council at DEFRA for the first two years of it operation. He has also worked for the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee as a specialist assistant and for the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council.

Tim was educated at the University of Leicester and the Open University, and has a PhD in geology and geochemistr