Devolved employment support: lessons from the early pilots

Reform convened a private policy roundtable exploring the issue of devolved employment support and what can be learned from the early pilots. It was led by Kris Krasnowski, Area Director, London and East, Cities and Local Growth Unit, (DCLG/BEIS Joint Unit) and Boyd Wood, Senior Policy Adviser, Cities and Local Growth, Labour Market and International Affairs Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions (who kindly stepped in for Phil Martin, Deputy Director, Labour Market Interventions Strategy Division at Department for Work and Pensions).

Welfare-to-work policy in the UK has a clear direction towards greater devolution and localised approaches: ten devolution deals have been agreed to date and a further 34 proposals were received from local areas in England in September 2015. The case for greater involvement of local commissioners in the delivery of welfare-to-work services is compelling: done effectively, it allows for greater integration, responsiveness to local labour markets and value for money. However, existing devolved welfare-to-work pilots have underperformed against their targets. It is important and timely, therefore, to reflect on the successes and failures of the early pilots, and to consider how forthcoming devolved programmes can be given the best chance of success.


7 December 2016
15.45 - 17.00