Delivering NHS England’s mental health strategy

Reform held a private policy roundtable on ‘Delivering NHS England’s mental health strategy’ led by Professor Tim Kendall, National Clinical Director, Mental Health at NHS England.

Poor mental health is the leading cause of sickness absence with one in four people in England experiencing a mental health condition each year. This comes at a cost of £70-100 billion to the UK economy through sickness absence, lost productivity and benefits expenditure. The Government has committed to tackle this key policy challenge. As part of a speech on the a national strategy to improve people’s life chances, the Prime Minister promised a “revolution” in mental health treatment in England, assigning £1 billion to improve mental health service provision in hospitals and communities. The roundtable explored how government, the NHS and local service providers can work together on a shared agenda to deliver high quality mental health services.

This event is being held under the Chatham House Rule and was held in partnership with Home Group.


18 October 2016
12.45 - 14.00