Conservative Party conference: “Women in business: securing the talent pipeline, improving the base line”

Reform convened a private policy roundtable, led by Margot James MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility, on the theme “Women in business: securing the talent pipeline, improving the base line”.

Studies have shown that companies with women in their management teams and on their boards achieve better business outcomes: they demonstrate higher stock growth and operating profits; better corporate governance and oversight; and improved decision-making. They also better reflect their customers.

Whilst significant progress has been made at non-executive level, the number of women in executive roles is depressingly low. If further progress is to be made, then a rich talent pipeline is needed – which means focusing on enabling women to progress up the leadership ladder. Significantly improved gender diversity would better reflect the society businesses operate in – it would also mean increased performance and productivity.

This event brought together a senior group of around 15-20 people to explore what practical steps businesses can take, and how government can support them, to make gender diversity a reality in senior positions. The discussion was held under the Chatham House Rule.

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4 October 2016
15.00 - 16.00