Conservative Party conference: “Long-term saving for long-term investment”

Reform convened a private roundtable at the Conservative Party conference, led by the Rt Hon David Gauke MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, on the theme, “Long-term saving for long-term investment”.

Since May 2015, improving the UK’s infrastructure has moved up the policy agenda. The recently established National Infrastructure Commission will offer impartial advice on the UK’s long-term infrastructure needs; the new Chancellor, keen to ward off an economic downturn, is widely thought to be in favour of increasing spending on the transport network.

If a boost in infrastructure spending materialises, the Government will no doubt turn to institutional investors. The delivery of a coherent and successful strategy to increase private savings, therefore, will affect more than just the wellbeing of pensioners – it will also have implications for the UK’s ability to invest in its economic future.

This event brought together a group of around 20 people, including MPs and senior representatives from the private and third sector, to explore the policy levers to encourage more saving, how to ensure these funds are invested productively, and the role of industry in facilitating reform. The roundtable was held under Chatham House Rule.

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4 October 2016
12.15 - 13.15