Building a better service for citizens: HMRC reform and modernisation

One of the most exciting areas of Reform’s work is the opportunity to drive greater performance and productivity even in the largest public sector organisations. HMRC is an important example of what is possible, delivering significant change to its workforce, its estate and its use of technology. Last year its Chief Executive, Jon Thompson, speaking for Reform, said that his ambition was for HMRC to become one of the leading digital organisations in Europe. John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, has called HMRC a “trailblazer” in its use of AI, robotics and automation.

We were delighted that Mervyn Walker, Lead Non-Executive, HM Revenue and Customs led this roundtable. The event brought together around 20 attendees, including senior policy-makers, public service leaders and business leaders. It was held under Chatham House Rule.

This event was held in partnership with BT:


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23 July 2018
10.00 - 11.30