We are determinedly independent and strictly non-party in our approach. Our non-party approach is reflected in our cross-party Advisory Board.

Reform publishes the details of its corporate donations. Companies support Reform in two ways: by supporting our general work through our Corporate Partnership Programme, and by sponsoring individual events and research projects.

Writing in The Guardian in September 2011, George Monbiot praised Reform for its transparency:

“The only rightwing thinktank that did well was Reform, which sent me a list of its biggest corporate donors. Reform lists its other corporate sponsors in its annual review (14), and earns 4 points. If they can do it, why can’t the others?”

In June 2012 the website awarded Reform a Transparency Rating of B.

In 2016, 40 different organisations supported Reform. Organisations providing sponsorship during 2017 are listed below.

Our Corporate Partners are listed below. The sponsor of each event is listed on our Events page.

For any further details, please contact Andrew HaldenbyReform’s Director.

Reform Corporate Partners