Emilie Sundorph


I joined Reform as a Research Assistant in March 2016 after completing an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the LSE. This, together with my experience working for Prisoners’ Education Trust, made me keen to explore how policy-making can be used to create good, and how the right reforms can ensure that it’s done in a smart way.

I am passionate about how to create the best and most fair conditions for future generations, which in the past has led me to do volunteering as a mentor, establishing a sexual education society and working for the youth charity The Challenge. Currently, however, I have to admit that a large proportion of my weekends are taken up by catching up on favourite TV shows and the occasional trip to the gym.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Usually the knowledge that there will be a new episode of a favourite podcast to keep me entertained during my (likely rainy) walk to work.

My favourite Reformer is… probably Otto von Bismarck, because he insisted on enforcing highly controversial and progressive social reforms, and he’s not given enough credit for it.

Twitter: @ESundorph