Eleonora Harwich

Head of Digital and Technological Innovation

Since joining Reform in June 2015, I’ve been working across projects in the value for money research stream and providing support with the quantitative side of the research. I’ve been involved with a wide variety of research projects ranging from assessing current issues with ways of measuring of public sector productivity to developing a model for performance assessment within prison using data envelopment analysis.

I have strong belief and commitment to evidence-based policy and have always wanted to work in places that share that same commitment. I hold Bsc in Social Policy with Government from the London School of Economics and an Msc in Economics of Public Policy from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. I’ve had previous work experience in the corporate social responsibility sector and in the hospitality industry.

I am always eager to learn about quantitative techniques for policy evaluation and data science in general. I have an absolute fascination for advances in computer science such as machine learning and definitely have the secret aspiration of, one day, magically becoming a programming wiz. Aside from these nerdy activities and interests, I enjoy cooking for very long hours (no diminishing marginal utility there) and long-distance running.

Most like to say… “Cheese gives meaning to life”

Twitter: @EleHrwch